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ALL INK PHOTOS COME WITH HIGH-END RETOUCHING.   Never fake or obvious, just with the subtle polish that professionals demand.
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I'm Katie  and I am a professional headshot and brand photographer in Highland Village, TX.  I help service-based professionals expand their success with images that look better, story-tell deeper, and move their audience to connect.   Every time a bland image is viewed, it is a wasted opportunity to wow your potential clients, peers, or potential employers.    I'm on a mission to fix that.  With a little upfront brand discovery work and my 10 years of photography and retouching experience, we can unlock the potential of your images to be putting your BEST FOOT FORWARD, in public, on your behalf, 24/7/365.

Sound Familiar?

You are great at what you do, and other people would see that too, if they only got the chance to know you or your business?   


For professionals, do you ever feel like a LOT of people in Dallas have similar qualifications to you and it's hard to stand out from the crowd?   Or that you know that you HAVE to use a professional headshot, but you just HATE having your photo taken?   What if you could have photos that you were thrilled with and that really represented who YOU are as a professional?   Love it or not, people will subconsciously make decisions about someone based on a multitude of factors that they pick up on in a headshot.   Are you confident, polished, energetic, a leader, measured, and a pleasure to work with?     Or do you look like you'd have a bad attitude, an arrogance, an unprofessional demeanor,  or a lack of confidence?   An experienced headshot photographer can use backdrops, lighting, micro-expressions, retouching, posing, and attire to subtly, but powerfully, shape the way that you are perceived  in the photos that publicly represent you to the world, 24/7.

For DFW personal brands and small businesses, does your market ever feel saturated?  Like it's hard to stand out or inspire a tribe of your ideal clients?   Is keeping up with social media content exhausting?   Have you clearly identified your brand's personality and consistently post in the tone, style, language, motivations of that specific identity?    Identifying  and developing your brand identity isn't just another task in your already packed day... it's a TIME SAVER that will help you communicate more quickly with your IDEAL clients, develop content more quickly, and avoid decision-fatigue from trying to approach your branding from a million different  directions!  All of my brand photography sessions include a brand clarity session so that I can deeply understand your brand message, and to offer suggestions if you are still developing your unique brand identity!  Don't waste money on brand images that are "pretty" but aren't PACKED with authenticity and messaging.

This is my passion and I've been fortunate enough to help brands from medical professionals to creatives to fitness brands to technology-based small businesses.  I can transform your imagery into a work-horse for sharing your brand story.


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*and kindly left their 5-star ratings to prove it!

"Between COVID and awful weather, we had to reschedule our session multiple times, but Katie was so great about it and super reassuring.  We finally got to take our pictures and Katie was absolutely amazing.  She made us feel like we'd known her forever.  I highly recommend you book Katie for any session."


"Katie is so much fun to work with.  She highlighted all of the best parts of my business.  I got a great response from clients who saw my new images on social media.  I highly recommend her." 

~ Dina

I've worked with Katie two times now on branding shoots for my fitness business and I can promise you - she's amazing!  What I love so much is that she does her homework - she scouts locations prior to your scheduled shoot, checks lighting, etc., all to make sure the client is 'wowed!'  You can feel confident booking with Katie.

- Keri B.

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Learn more about how branding can help your brand grow, and what kinds of problems INK can help you solve!   Advertising photography, personal branding photography, social media marketing, and brand images are all different names for introducing your business in a way your clients will connect with!  These sessions start with a brand interview to make sure we pack your photos with CLEAR, BOLD messaging to show potential clients why they should choose you over the next guy.  Ban the bland brand!


Need a refresh on your headshot?  Don't like how it looks or it's over 3 years old?  Come on over!  All headshots come with hand-painted retouch work so you'll never take a bad headshot again.


Get inspired by the ways that INK's magazine-quality photoshopping can help you LOVE having your photos taken again.  Each image is hand-painted in painstaking detail to ensure that it never looks fake.  You won't find this service INCLUDED elsewhere, as it can take 45 minutes per image to accomplish, and few have the expert-level retouching experience, but the results are stunning. Perfect for realtor headshots, LINKEDIn profile photos or any professional headshots.  See the difference it makes here!!  PSST... You'll never go back.  ;)