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Brand Photography
& Headshots.  Shockingly good, magazine-quality Photoshop retouching. In-studio or on-location.

Brand Strategy

Get a clear roadmap for standing out and packing consistent personality into your business. Archetype, niche, pillars, voice + more.


Custom, stunning Wix website design to build a beautiful, custom home for your business online.

All performed in-house... saving you time, money, headache and potential risk in not having your brand consistent across multiple designers.

Home of Dallas' Favorite Magazine-Quality...



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Hey, my fellow DFW business-owners!  Thanks for being here.  I'm a Mama of 3, and a professional brand photographer & brand strategist in Highland Village, TX.  I was a licensed civil engineer after college, but after years of sitting on selection boards to decide which contractors would be selected for new projects, I found myself much more interested in WHY some contractors bids were more successful at being selected for a project than others (especially when they weren't the lowest price!).  

That interest in branding + a lifelong love of photography + my ever-curious, analytical, engineering side (wanting to know WHY some things work, how to streamline + automate them, and constantly wanting to learn how to apply those discoveries in new ways, to solve new problems) brought me to where I am today.  A happy, curious, outgoing, energetic, 40-something whose favorite thing is having a brand new business drop in my lap to discover, help, and transform into something that completely WOWS.  This work is truly my calling... I am passionate about it and I will pour every ounce of my emotional energy into boosting the face of your business and helping your brand shine.

With my photography clients, I apply 10 years of photography and retouching experience, help brands and professionals expand their success with images that look better, story-tell deeper, and move their audience to connect.  To do this, you don't just need pretty pictures from anyone with a camera, you want STRATEGIC brand photography.  Every photo that you post should have a REASON for taking up space in your client's already over-bombarded day.  Pretty and predictable photos are just not enough anymore.  To wow your potential clients, peers, or potential employers, your images should tell a story and be intentional.

With my brand strategy clients, I do a DEEP DIVE with them to fully-develop who they are (brand archetype), how they are different (differentiation), how to maximize that with niche selection and adjusting offerings, developing ideal client profiles, brand voice, brand avatar, power words to use, pain points you are solving, content pillars to focus on, a brand audit, competitor analysis, and a written report with clear, concise, user-friendly, no-fluff next steps to roll your brand out.  Getting crystal clear on your brand saves you time and headache, by WOWing potential clients right from the very beginning, and making them feel like you are speaking directly to them. 

With my web design clients, I do a DEEP DIVE meeting and questionnaire to understand what their goals for their website are, their existing brand identity (colors, tone, etc), competitor research of similar business' websites across the country to gather clever ideas (never local competitors, because I don't even want to have it in my mind when I'm designing!), a draft version of their site, a mood board, a sit-down meeting to make any adjustments to the draft version, a final delivery, and any necessary training to ensure that they know how to operate it in the future (it's really easy, I promise!).  I can get a quick 1-page site up within 24 hours, if you'd like while we develop the rest of your site.


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"I found INK Photo Haus online and I'm so glad I did.  Not only was it quick and painless, the quality of the work is outstanding,  I can't say enough about how easy Katie is to work with and how great her work turns out."  

~ Brent H.,  Corporate Senior Mgmt, Dallas, TX

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"Katie, these pics are amaze balls!!!  Thanks so much!!!!  It's going to be excruciating to pick my favorites!"
~ Bridget B., Business Owner, Southlake, TX


"Thank you so much!  They look great!  [Graphic Artist] loved the photos so much she's going to replace as many stock photos as she can with yours.  She loved the stills.  Brilliant idea.  She commented on the depth and said it's exceptional." ~ Delia S., Business Owner, Flower Mound, TX

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