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I've been a photographer and high-end photo retoucher for 8 years.  About 5 years ago, I accepted my first brand photography client and absolutely loved it.  As social media marketing for businesses has exploded in that time, I've only seen the demand for brand photography increase.  Whether it's headshots, commercial photography, LinkedIn profile photos, personal brand photography or any other way in which a professional uses custom photography to attract clients... I've been helping my clients with professional photography. 


Pretty quickly, I realized that it wasn't PRETTY images that were most helpful to my brand photography clients.  It was AUTHENTIC and BRAND CONSISTENT images.  A lot of clients tell me "well, I'm boring, so I don't really have a brand identity..."  I began with an interview, brand audit of their social media and website, creation of an ideal client avatar, a look at their client's journey and their product/service offerings.  Next, we move to a crazy powerful brand archetype exercise - seriously, this is a game changer, y'all.  Finally, we'd select an archetype, customize that, then build a strategy for WHAT they offer, HOW they make their clients feel, the WORDS and TONE that they should use, the types of imagery that would work best, the best positioning for selling their work, the social platforms to focus on, a brand avatar, and much, much more.  After helping a few clients define and select an amazing brand identity, I knew I'd found SOLID GOLD for their business.  Their messaging instantly became recognizable, professional, and cohesive.  They no longer questioned what to write or felt disappointed at their brand's presentation online.  THIS BECAME MY JAM, Y'ALL! 


I actually have an engineering degree and am a very logical-brained person.  Fluffy brand advice just didn't cut it for me.  So, I got my hands on any branding book, podcast, blog, course or other resource that I could.  I spent my COVID lockdown year in Germany, studying the ever loving life outta' branding.  I find it absolutely fascinating, and eventually began to teach classes locally to small business owners.  My class began as a 55-page PowerPoint to explain it all and make sure that we did this right.  I kept hearing how helpful and info-packed the classes were, so I knew that this was something that I needed to share with my clients!  


I've got you covered for brand strategy, headshots and brand photography (indoor, outdoor, natural light, flash photography, studio, on-location, plus-sized posing, advanced Photoshopping), graphics and content creation for social media marketing, and more.  I am a perfectionist when it comes to my service to you, so every step of our work together, from the:

  • comprehensive discovery interview questions that I ask

  • custom planning and market research for your type of business

  • digital mood board creation

  • site scouting to verify lighting conditions and to identify the best time of day to shoot

  • relaxed and playful bedside manner I bring to a shoot

  • technical shooting and backup gear I carry

  • magazine-quality Photoshop that I offer to bring out creamy colors and to perform (amen, hallelujah!) miracles for male or female anti-aging or body contouring (seriously, if 90's Oprah could see my before and after work, she'd be screaming "Yesss!!!  Yesss!!! Everyone in the audience gets an INK photoshoot - yesss!")


... will be handled with care.  Additionally, I believe that you deserve stellar, timely, easy customer service.  So, if you have a branding need, I will find a solution for you.  


My work has won photography awards and has been nationally and locally featured in print and digital magazines because I THRIVE on making innovative and bold, story-telling photography that none of your competitors will have.  Heck, even if I shot your competitor's photos, they still would be completely custom and different from yours (a brand photographer should never have a portfolio of nearly identical shoots!  You'd be paying to blend in with everyone else!  Noooo!).  100% customized branding is critical for your potential clients when they are deciding who to do business with (and potentially becoming a lifetime client of!)... if your online image is oozing with unique personality and makes a client fall in love with not only WHAT you do, but WHO you are... that single set of branding images could still be bringing clients in for you for months and even years!  


As always, I would be honored to be invited into the place where you create your magic to roll up my sleeves, get creative, and create a plan for helping take some of the branding and marketing work off of your plate.    My mission is to make your life easier, to let you get back to business, and to help spread the word to potential clients about what it is that you do!     


Shoot me an email if I can answer any questions.  I will never make you feel obligated or pressured to buy with me.  In fact, many times, when we take a hard look at your business goals, concerns and possible solutions, a brand strategy and/or brand photoshoot are NOT the best approach to solve your problems!  If so, I'll gladly let you know and redirect you in a better direction.  I only accept clients that I KNOW I can truly help.


Katie Stover


  • Comprehensive brand discovery process (like therapy for your brand)

  • Take RIGHT photos - completely custom, designed to address brand messaging

  • Help USING the photos effectively after your session

  • Brand strategy, social media marketing services available 

  • In-studio, outdoors or at your business

  • Expert-level, discrete photo retouching available

  • Award-winning, nationally published photography

  • Stress-free, flexible, easy process.

  • SEO file naming INCLUDED!

  • Full & Social Media optimized file re-sizing INCLUDED!

Before becoming a photographer  10 years ago, I was a licensed civil engineer and worked on construction sites every day.  I worked for the federal government and part of my job was sitting on the boards that selected contractors based on the bids that they submitted.   Much like any client, we didn't select solely based on price.  We also ranked them based on how capable they were based on the words they wrote and the photos that they submitted.  I found myself feeling awful for contractors that I happened to know (from previous work) were amazing, but their submissions were terribly lacking and they LOST THE WORK because of it!   This was the start of my passion for being a wingman for small businesses, though I wasn't quite sure exactly how to help back then. 


I began a family photography business, where I gathered the skills and experience in taking award-winning photos, learned advanced retouching skills, got to volunteer my services with some non-profits that are close to my heart, and eventually began taking on personal branding photography clients (and realized that this is where my passion was - it was right in front of me the whole time!).


One of the most important things you can do on this Earth is to let people know they are not alone.  - S. Alder

Please join INK Photo Haus in being:



Highland Village, TX photography studio offering professional photographer services to the North Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, Grapevine, Keller, Flower Mound, Lewisville, Denton, Frisco and surrounding Texas areas.

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