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  • Equestrian Center 

  • Death doula service 

  • Automotive

  • College admissions consultant

  • Life Coach

  • Personal Trainers/Fitness

  • Special needs school

  • Actors/models

  • Dental/medical

  • Construction

  • Clothing

  • Tattoo shop

  • Children's blogger

  • St. Baldricks (volunteer)

  • Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (volunteer)

  • ... and more!


  • Social Media

  • Product Launch

  • Website

  • Marketing/Advertising

  • Staff Headshots

  • Brochures, Business Cards, Office Wall Art

  • Monthly newsletters

  • ... and more!




We'll take a deep dive on understanding where your brand is, where you want to go, and how we can most effectively get you there. I have tons of ideas on outfits, locations, and shot lists - you just fill out the questionnaire and approve the custom plan!



Photoshoot day is actually fun - I promise!  I'm super laid-back, so it's not stressful; but I'm also experienced and self-directing (I move around like a photo ninja), so don't worry about coming up with a plan to keep me busy.  Some of my client's favorite shots have been totally unplanned.  Posing, shot lists, staging, lighting... I've got it all covered.



Pick your favorite images from a culled gallery.  I'll add my retouching magic and deliver your images with release, full & web sized optimization.  You are now ready to post!  I can help with creating custom content afterwards, too.


"Solid branding  - clear voice, consistent messaging, engaging content, relatability, differentiation from competitors - is one of those investments as a business owner that you want to make EARLY. 

Every day that you aren't very appealing to a potential client is another day that your competition gets the chance to make lifelong, loyal clients out of your pool of potential customers. 


The sooner you get get your branding working FOR you, the sooner that you can start to really see your business' inertia grow." 

- Katie Stover, INK Photo Haus

small business branding photography in fort worth

Well, that was a tad dramatic, Katie!

 Young Woman Contemplating

Sound familiar?

I HATE having my photo taken.  Maybe 20 years and 20 pounds ago...   If there was a magic wand that could guarantee I loved how I look, then maybe...

I can't afford to hire a $15K full-service marketing agency!  I'm just a small business.  I need a part-DIY solution.  You give me the gorgeous photos, I'll take care of the posting in-house.

I hate dealing with having to take photos for my social media... ugh.  I don't have the time or interest!

Clients would love my business, if they'd only give it a try.  My current online presence is definitely not WOWING potential clients though.    

DFW businesses... your brand should be like your best employee.   Happily bragging about your best features, making clients feel comfortable and confident in choosing you, and bringing you new clients any time of day.   If it's not, I'm Katie and...

INK Photo Haus smiling photographer personal branding headshot image for social media

I'd love to help.


small business tattoo artist photoshoot for marketing

I am the owner of Resurrection Ink Tattoos in Savannah, GA. Katie has an amazing personality and when we saw the photos, we were absolutely blown away. We actually had another company that we advertise with come in earlier in the same week and photograph the studio for an advertising project and the pictures they took were no comparison.  Katie's work blew them out of the water.  We will definitely use her again in the future and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer. You will not be disappointed!!
- Dave O.

IMG_4712 FINAL-13.jpg

with fitness coach, Keri B.

peek inside:


See the scope we developed for a personal trainer, get Keri's thoughts on the process, and see what her final images looked like!

How Brand Photography Can Boost Your Business

Building a business can be a lifelong dream, but that doesn't mean it's easy! Getting set up for taxes, hiring staff, building inventory, and finding customers is a lot to do. Plus, then you get to do what it is you love for those customers. However, delivering your message doesn't have to be as hard as it seems. Start with a website that has great professional photos and you're off to a great start.

Show Off What You Do

People want to know what they're getting before they hand over their hard-earned cash. Personal branding photography can showcase the beautiful cupcakes you make, or the before and after results from a client's workouts. Whether you include clients in your photos or show the action behind the scenes, your potential customers will appreciate a sneak peek.

Lend Credibility

The internet is full of shady businesses, but you're not one of them. Make yourself look more credible and professional with help from a DFW brand photographer. Showing customers what you offer, the inside of your space, and even your face, can help them believe that they'll get what they pay for.

Gain Trust

The human brain is wired to see faces, even in inanimate objects. So, show them yours! Whether you're local or global, show your customers who is behind your business. When they can put a face with a name and website, they'll feel like they know you before they even contact you. This is the first step in gaining their trust.

See What Personal Branding Photography Can Do For You!

Hi! I'm Katie, a DFW brand photographer. I hope you'll take a look through some of the stunning photos on my website to learn more about what I do and contact me with any questions you have about brand photography!

Sound Familiar?

You are great at what you do, and other people would see that too, if they only got the chance to know you?   


For professionals, do you ever feel like a LOT of people in Dallas have similar qualifications to you and it's hard to stand out from the crowd?   Or that you know that you HAVE to use a professional headshot, but you just HATE having your photo taken?   What if you could have photos that you were thrilled with and that really represented who YOU are as a professional?   Love it or not, people will subconsciously make decisions about someone based on a multitude of factors that they pick up on in a headshot.   Are you confident, polished, energetic, a leader, measured, and a pleasure to work with?     Or do you look like you'd have a bad attitude, an arrogance, an unprofessional demeanor,  or a lack of confidence?   An experienced headshot photographer can use backdrops, lighting, micro-expressions, retouching, posing, and attire to subtly, but powerfully, shape the way that you are perceived  in the photos that publicly represent you to the world, 24/7.

For DFW personal brands and small businesses, does your market ever feel saturated?  Like it's hard to stand out or inspire a tribe of your ideal clients?   Is keeping up with social media content exhausting?   Have you clearly identified your brand's personality and consistently post in the tone, style, language, motivations of that specific identity?    Identifying  and developing your brand identity isn't just another task in your already packed day... it's a TIME SAVER that will help you communicate more quickly with your IDEAL clients, develop content more quickly, and avoid decision-fatigue from trying to approach your branding from a million different  directions!  

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