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Bicycle Repair Shop marketing photo and employee portraits


What can INK do for my small business?

Do you want MORE clients and MORE free time?  Need more sales but the new clients just aren't showing up in the numbers you'd like?  I help drive new clients to you by ensuring that your business is represented attractively and professionally online, so that you get the advantage over your competitors.  Personal (or business) branding photography can be a critical investment to make sure that you are not losing potential clients EVERY DAY online.  
Is your product great, but you're being brought down by poor imagery and writing (copy) and need help with creating a brand that potential clients can get excited about?  They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, right?  So when a client is researching your business, how often are they picking 'the other guy' because your photos or text are boring, poor quality, or unappealing?  Have you audited your website lately to make sure that the visual story that you are telling appeals to your target client?   If you have social media accounts (most businesses probably should!), do you run out of content ideas or not post at all?  Do you not have time to create a posting schedule, or like to think of the captions or research hashtags?  Would you love help thinking of ideas to entice new followers and interest in your business pages?  I help fellow DFW professionals with personal branding photography or small business branding photography to define their brand identity, then custom tailor a photoshoot to highlight it! 

Why INK Photo Haus over the next branding photographer?

Not only do I offer an in-depth questionnaire to plan our shoot, clients frequently tell me that it brought them clarity on their brand voice as well!  I customize every possible pixel of your images to be PACKED with brand messaging... from the lighting, the editing, your attire, the setting, props, and background we select, your posing, attire and expression, and even the angle I shoot from (!) will be strategically planned to subconsciously act as a magnet between your brand and your audience.

My photography is award-winning and I've been published both nationally and locally.  My 'secret sauce' is my custom, hand-painted retouching of every finished image.  I can discreetly, but dramatically enhance hair, skin, teeth, waistline in such a natural way that no one will ever be able to tell.  These finishing touches are what my clients have come to love about my work. Gorgeous glowing lighting inside your business, eye-catching composition, and flattering portraits that look magazine-ready... none of that is just luck.  The level of detail, time and artistry that go into knowing your brand, planning a shoot, and then custom HAND painted retouching of your images (about 45 minutes per image!) just are not normally provided in other brand photography sessions. 

Best part?  I'm a self-starter and know how busy you are, so working with me won't become "another time-suck" to add to your already busy schedule.  Just fill out a digital questionnaire, please let me take a pre-shoot walkthrough to check lighting, I can help plan outfits, I will create the shot list, and then it'll be your shoot day!  I'll take care of the rest!  Your magazine-quality imagery and branding will wow your potential clients and help propel your brand ahead of your competitors.

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Who is business branding photography for?

Personal branding photography and small business branding photography are for anyone wanting to build a stronger personal connection with their audience!   I'm a strong believer that people are seeking human connection, anywhere that they can get it. 

In my previous town, I had a hair dresser that was a bit shy and quiet, so her customer service wasn't anything to write home about (and to tell you the truth, neither was her hair styling!), but I came to find out that she was a single Mom and after I got to know the story of how she worked two jobs and did night school after her kids went to sleep every night to make a better life for them... you'd better believe that she was my only hair stylist afterwards. 

Sharing your human story and connection transforms your business from a service who is after your client's money, to a human that can play a part (even if it's a small part) in your client's life as you help provide them with a service that they need.  So, branding photography is for any business that wants to incorporate that human connection with their potential clients.

Restaurants, boutique shops, fitness coaches, medical professionals, creatives, authors, service-based businesses, bloggers, business professionals, builders, mechanics, care givers, brick-and-mortar businesses, public figures, realtors, entertainers,  teachers, LinkedIn profiles, fashion and beauty consultants,  venues, home-based businesses, sales professionals, coaches, and more! 

What kind of images will I get?

We want to capture WHAT you offer, HOW your offering makes the client feel, WHERE you do it, WHY you do it and what client pain point you are solving, WHEN your client might use it, and WHO the client will be interacting with.  Whether that is featuring your office space, your products, clients using your service, or your smiling face... we'll capture all of the elements that make your business unique!  Variety is critical for your branding images, especially if you will be using them for your daily social media posts.   You will likely want a variety of expressions, body language, outfits and backdrops,  but I'll take care of all of that planning!  Images are digitally delivered in high-resolution format.

How can I use my images?

  • Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, website, or other social media content

  • A "Meet Our Staff" wall in your lobby

  • Headshots for marketing or corporate bio materials

  • LinkedIn Profile Pictures

  • Business cards

  • Beautiful wall art of your product or service to display for clients

  • Waiting room books

  • SWAG for clients: photo magnets, holiday or reminder cards

  • Seasonal goods

  • Upcoming event marketing

  • We never charge $$$$ more for printing rights or commercial usage rights.

Where is your studio located?

Our studio is located in Highland Village, TX (just north of Flower Mound).  We welcome clients from all over DFW, North Texas, Fort Worth, Dallas, Frisco, Lewisville, Denton, Southlake, Coppell, Colleyville, Irving, Carrollton and beyond.

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