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Photo-Realistic Architectural Renderings


"Wow.  Just wow.  Katie is so much fun to work with and I am blown away by the results.  She sent progress photos along the way and it was so much easier to describe my project to a contractor when they could actually SEE what I wanted the end result to look like!  Left no room for expensive miscommunications when they had this picture in hand!"
**Note: 2 renders were purchased for this project, due to extensive decor.
"Before renovating a traditional foyer in our home, we wanted to test several different concepts.  This process was actually a lot of fun!  I took a quick photo on my phone, sent my pinterest board over to Katie, and had my rendering back the next day!  What a steal!"
"As a Contractor bidding on a project, turning one of these photos in with my proposal makes me stand out from the crowd.  It shows I understand their vision perfectly.  Such a good investment to spend almost nothing to help me win a $$$$ job."
"Highly recommended.  I didn't know exactly what I wanted, other than I couldn't stand anymore brown and beige.  I told Katie that I wanted something fresher, with blues and greys.  Love, love!"

“Quick & Dirty" Renderings - Inexpensive, Fast, Powerful 
I will put my civil engineering background and extensive Photoshop skills to use for your commercial or personal use to create a "quick & dirty photo-realistic architectural rendering" of your concept: visualize changes in paint colors, landscaping, structural changes, furniture layouts, and more... all can practically be completed by the time you get to Lowe's to buy the supplies!  
Many architects offer a service where they will come take detailed measurements and provide you with properly scaled renderings, but these take weeks to schedule, measure and produce, and cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.  Are you going to do that when you need a quick aesthetics check on something simple like a new wall color??  No way!  You're going to buy a gallon (of the wrong shade) of paint and paint your darn room.  Then you'll do that again 4 more times like any other good American until you decide that you'll just learn to love the awful color on your walls because YOU. AIN'T. PAINTING. THAT. ROOM. AGAIN. 

Or... you could text me a quick photo of your room and "see" as many samples of colors as you want in your space!  Up to 30 mins of work and re-edits included in the cost (a simple render like wall paint colors can test more "looks," whereas a complicated render may only have time to test one look. I'm at your service for 30 minutes though; however you'd like your time allocated).  It'll be quick & dirty and NOT EVEN CLOSE to precise, but it'll get the job done to check the aesthetics of your project.  Oh yeah, and not only will it save you 4 Saturdays of work, but it costs about as little as that initial gallon of paint that will be the wrong color anyway.  No brainer!  :)




Snap a quick cell phone photo of the space and send it to Katie.  Text: 916-715-1343 or email:  Send along what you need changed (Pinterest boards, links to a light fixture or paint color, or just a vague idea!) 



I'll send a link to be able to quickly and securely pay online and the date that I can have your project completed (usually next day!).



I'll text a progress photo when I'm midway through the edit for your feedback, so there are no surprises and to ensure that you love your result.  You'll have your rendering delivered to your inbox soon after!

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