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Has COVID killed your foot traffic? 3 easy tips for driving more new clients.

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Here are 3 quick, effective fixes to help drive new clients to your DFW small business.

3. Are you posting in enough channels?

You don't have to be on EVERY social media channel (particularly if your ideal client isn't on those channels), but if your social media needs more eyeballs, don't forget to test some new channels! Check out Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, WT Social, LinkedIn, Peanut, Reddit, Tumblr, Nextdoor, Quora, Meetup, Discord, and more (particularly any niche-specific platforms with topics that would interest your ideal clients...

2. Have a weak 'call to action?'

If your brand content just passively posts without directly appealing to your client to take an action, your messaging may be too soft and not helping drive clients to take immediate action. And, we all know what happens when we see an ad for a service that we are interested in, but just take a mental note to try to remember to take action on it later. We all forget 2 seconds later! So, if you are a cupcake shop, nix the post saying "TGIF. We'll be making black forest cupcakes later today. Yummm." Instead, try: "Y'all, it is Friday afternoon and we KNOW that you don't want to cook tonight. Swing by the Chick-Fil-A in front of our store for dinner, and while you're over here, stop by for a pre-packed 4 pack of our black forest cupcakes for $10 for dessert! Your Friday just finished strong, y'all!" Now, your client can clearly envision the entire process and are much more likely to make the trip after they get off work. Your call to action was crystal clear and much more effective! Works the same way whether you are a service-based personal brand or brick and mortar storefront.

1. Tighten your niche

Sounds counter-intuitive, but casting too wide a net can actually repel clients who feel that you are just fishing for any warm body and aren't geared specifically for them. To paraphrase the example of famous marketing expert Seth Godin, if you have a dance lesson business and advertise 40 different kinds of dances (like many do), you'll get a small mish-mash of people wanting various different courses. If you market solely to red-haired Irish cloggers, however, you will get 100% of every red-haired Irish clogger in your state. And they will be calling all of the red-haired Irish cloggers that they know, raving about a business made just for them and encouraging others to go to you. Your following will be incredibly niched, but also incredibly loyal. For many small businesses and personal brands, you aren't going after millions of clients each year. You need some reasonable amount, and if you can do that within one niche, where the clients are incredibly loyal and feel that you are catering to only them, your marketing becomes a breeze. They do it for you because they feel very excited that someone cared about their particular niche.


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