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  • 1 magazine-quality professional headshot

  • Addt'l retouched images: $25/ea.

  • HIGH-END RETOUCHING included (30- 45mins of hand-editing per image).  This level of retouching is NOT industry-standard and the before/after results are stunning to see. Slimming, anti-aging, teeth, hair, skin... you name it.  Seriously, it even makes plastic surgeons cry.  Get as much or as little as you like - no one will ever know.  Don't miss the retouching gallery - it's amazing!  

  • 45min studio photoshoot

  • Traditional or Modern style

  • Wooden library, solid color or outdoor backdrops available

  • Next day, Night & Weekend appointments available

  • Pre-shoot Headshot Preferences Questionnaire

  • Outfit changes

  • You choose your favorite images for editing from a culled gallery

  • Digital delivery of final images

  • Print release

  • 24-hour rush turnaround available: $25/image

*To reserve a session, payment of a $50 non-refundable retainer is required.  Retainer will be applied to the balance of your session fee, but it becomes my consolation prize if you cancel or reschedule within 24hrs of session time.

Sound Familiar?

You are great at what you do, and other people would see that too, if they only got the chance to know you?   


For professionals, do you ever feel like a LOT of people in Dallas have similar qualifications to you and it's hard to stand out from the crowd?   Or that you know that you HAVE to use a professional headshot, but you just HATE having your photo taken?   What if you could have photos that you were thrilled with and that really represented who YOU are as a professional?   Love it or not, people will subconsciously make decisions about someone based on a multitude of factors that they pick up on in a headshot.   Are you confident, polished, energetic, a leader, measured, and a pleasure to work with?     Or do you look like you'd have a bad attitude, an arrogance, an unprofessional demeanor,  or a lack of confidence?   An experienced headshot photographer can use backdrops, lighting, micro-expressions, retouching, posing, and attire to subtly, but powerfully, shape the way that you are perceived  in the photos that publicly represent you to the world, 24/7.

The Professional Headshot Experience

Not everyone enjoys being in front of the camera. If this sounds familiar, you might be feeling a little nervous about your upcoming professional headshots. If so, here's what you can expect.

Is it super awkward?  I don't know how to pose or anything!
I am super easy-going, bubbly and talkative.   My husband is practically a hermit crab, so I am totally at ease doing all of the talking so you don't have to... I have years of practice.  :)  I also had horrible social anxiety for YEARS, so if the thought of being trapped in a room with a stranger and a camera for an hour sounds like absolute unbearable torture... I totally get it.   We'll have some chill music playing, I'll do all of the talking and guiding, and you can just smile and nod at the crazy chick behind the camera.  :)

I'm afraid that I'll hate how I look!
I have been a professional portrait retoucher for 10 years.  I digitally hand-paint every retouch (no cheesy blurring filters or anything fake looking)... a process that takes 30-45 minutes per photo, but the results are shockingly good.  Body contouring, hair thinning, dental, complexion, aging... all can be easily addressed to magazine-quality standards.  You can actually love your photos again. 

What Kinds of Headshots Do You Offer?
All kinds!   Corporate, executive, professional, medical, Linked IN, personal brand, actor/acting, modeling, talent, or even online dating profile pictures!   All ages welcome.

Do I need to buy special outfits?
For corporate headshots or executive portraits, a suit is usually preferable. However, a baker may choose to wear a chef's jacket or apron. A fitness instructor will likely be wearing workout clothes. Whatever you wear to work, that's what you should wear to your photography session.  No need for shopping (unless you want to).   Your face will be the main focus... the clothes shouldn't distract, so I usually advise to stick to classic styles, solid colored fabrics, and simple jewelry.

Traditional vs. Modern Headshots
Traditional headshots are usually chest-up on a solid backdrop.  Modern headshots maximize personality, messaging, uniqueness and potential for your audience to connect with you!  They tend to be much more "human," have a background that tells a bit of story (a boardroom, a kitchen, an urban alley, a dance studio, etc), and can can be VERY powerful when your personality plays a big part in your professional success (versus an office climate where it is preferable to just fit a traditional, predictable, stable professional mold).

Background Choices Available
Professional headshots often take place in front of a solid backdrop.   However, you might also try doing them at the front desk of your spa or outside on a lawn you've landscaped.   Strategic selection of a backdrop can really drive  your brand message!  Here at the studio, we have a wide variety of backdrops to choose from - from a real wooden library, to a bright white room with giant windows and hardwood floors, to outdoors areas and of course, a selection of solid color traditional backdrops.

I Need My Photos To Stand Out And Interest My Audience In Who I Am!
A brand identity coaching session is available to audit, refine and develop your brand identity and messaging before investing in photos.  A nurturing preschool teacher and a fierce divorce attorney should NOT have identical professional headshots!   Nor should every single preschool teacher  look exactly alike!   
Having a clear, distinct, DIFFERENTIATED identity can be critical in setting you up for success.   Dallas - Fort Worth is a big area and you may have a lot of competitors... You may end up bland and forgettable if you don't pack personality into your photos.  Go for the uncharted  territory...  a brand coaching session is a powerful way to do this!  Once developed, we'll strategically work your messaging into every aspect of your headshot  photography session.  From the lighting I use, the expression you have, the colors you wear, the backdrop we select, the way that I edit your final images, even the angle I shoot from...  all will be completely customized to pack a powerful brand message!  

Let's Get Down to Business
If you are in Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW), I can help you get the professional headshots,  corporate portraits, actor headshots, or business photography that you need.   Studio available on-site in the Flower Mound/Highland Village area.   Friendly, stress free and fast service!


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