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Does INK offer personal brand photography?

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Yes! Personal brands can be essential when you are building a 1-on-1 service, influencer program, are a freelance consultant, or when you build a business around people following YOU, not just the products or service that you are offering. An avid fan of Oprah or Elon Musk will consider purchasing ANY product that Oprah or Elon recommended, because they trust the individuals represented by the personal brand. On the other hand, if a Chinese restaurant down the street (that makes fantastic food) recommends that you try a muffler shop that they really like or that you buy the same brand of sneakers that their chef wears, you'd not be swayed, right? Probably not. You may be 100% sold on the Chinese restaurant's product and service, but 0% on their personal brand.

How personal branding works into our planning process

Because you are selling potential clients on YOUR personal abilities, tastes and services, it is essential that a personal branding shoot highlight who you are, what you are like, how you can help your clients, and why you are different from your competitors.

Personal brand examples

Examples of individuals who could benefit from a personal branding photoshoot are:

  • Personal Trainers, Health Professionals

  • Designers, Technical Experts

  • Public Speakers, Professional/Life Coaches

  • Authors, Artists, Photographers, Creatives

  • Influencers, Models, Bloggers

  • Celebrities, Public Figures, Leaders

  • Custom-services or products that no one else can replicate

  • Critical services where clients have to trust WHO is guiding them

The list is almost endless. Any business where your clients want YOU (and not just anyone who offers your service) can be a massive driver of new clientele to your door. INK can help with not only taking your personal brand photos in the DFW area, but with USING them afterwards! I can create custom content that matches your brand and uses your new library of images. You'll be provided with an organized folder of web optimized graphics to populate your IG or FB feeds for the next 30-90 days! No stress, it can be done for you!


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